Have You Tried Microdosing?

Natural Psilocybin Truffles

Join our microdosing community led by Jeff Hamburg. Microdosing is the practice of taking small doses of psilocybin. 

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Join our digital care and telecounseling program

Explore the world of microdosing guided by our experienced psychedelic guide and expert microdoser Jeff Hamburg. As a certified therapist and hypnotherapist, Jeff can help with your exploration of microdosing. You will also get free access to many of our community events, our iMicro app and unique discounts for the products we are building to help you meet your microdosing goals. Our membership program is offered both in Dutch and English.

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Discover insights into your microdosing journey.

Detailed analytics

Discover how microdosing works for you.

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We are focused on user privacy.

Pose detection technology

Objective insights into their body and subconsciousness.

Microdosing experts

Access to the best Microdosing experts in the world.


Membership Plans

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1 month membership.

Monthly iMicrodose Kit with of 15 g. Psilocybe Galindoi Truffles.
Access to all features of iMicro app.
Online support group sessions and online text consultation led by Jeff.




3 month membership.

All of the Try Out membership benefits.

Discounted events and merchandise for our community.
Free download of our Wisdom VR experience




3 month membership.

All of the Growth membership benefits

5 X 1 hour long sessions with Jeff (1 for the first 3 weeks and then 1 follow up session every month) 

Microdosing Papers

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Upcoming workshops

Introduction to

Meet Jeff, iMicrodose therapist and join our community meeting

The first Wednesday of each month at 20:00pm CEST

Mindfulness Focus
and Microdosing

The second Wednesday of each month at 20:00pm CEST

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Do you want to help create support structures for the psychedelic community?

Do you want to help create support structures for the psychedelic community? Contact our investors team for more information.