Microdosing Kit (15g)


  • 15 g. Psilocybe Galindoi Truffles

  • Although truffle guidelines promote 0.2 to 1 gram for a microdose, each individual responds differently based on a range of physical and psychological factors. With iMicrodose, individuals can tailor their use to find what best benefits them. With ease of control over dosing, users can start low and adjust accordingly.

  • With iMicrodose, we anticipate consumers having recurring purchases of the microdosing kits. In order to save the consumers money and the need to place multiple orders, we have implemented a subscription service for convenience and cost efficiency. The purchase of a single kit is listed for €25, however if the three or six month subscription is selected, pricing will be reduced to €24 and €23 respectively per kit. Since the truffles will be delivered in its natural and wet form, we will only send one kit per month to ensure freshness of the product. We will notify and send out your next kit prior to the completion of your current one.